Eric RitenourReal Estate author for home sellers who want to get Top  Dollar for their home

First impressions have a big roll to play in making big financial decisions.  Many buyers will have already made up their mind whether or not to buy your home within the first eight seconds of entering your home.  The rest of the time  spent inspecting your property  will be based on those all important first impressions.

Short Market Time.....Most Money!

Every real estate agent knows that helping clients make the most money possible in the sell of their home, with the shortest "on-market" time, is a sure formula for long term success. Helping homeowners price right and marketing effectively is your job. Making awesome first impressions is the job of a professional home stager. Partnering together with motivated homeowners, we all make this dream come true.

With 95% of buyers viewing homes online first, it's critical that their first impressions are photos of professionally staged rooms!

Align with an HSR Certified Professional and Everyone Wins...

 By engaging a professional home stager to do occupied and vacant home consultations and reports,  a realtor can  enhance their listing package, therefore, enhancing their reputation. Our goal is to make you look great and help those valued clients.


  • We're all Ears!  First, tell how us how we can assist you in making your listings  shine above the rest!  Everything is customizable to meet your needs.
  • Partner Pricing!  We even have pre-paid, volume, discount pricing for those agents who have several listings or want to make it a part of their package as the listing agent.  Huge Benefit!!
  • Accredited and Certified!  Certification, credibility, trust and professionalism are important to you and your clients.  We have been professionally trained....... just like you...... so they know when we make a recommendation that they can trust us..... just like they trust you... and it will be worth the time and money. 
  • Comprehensive, Photo-Filled, Staging Action Plans!  We offer the best client reports in the business, so you look professional, and  we, as your partner, look competent and there's no mistaking what areas need to be addressed in the home.
  •  Informational Give-Aways!  Because we know that not all sellers "get it", we offer easy to understand statistics and materials you can use to educate them on the staging process.... and that we can use to sell "staging" to them as a solid, tax-deducible investment in selling their home.